Our Standards

Ingredients, production and energy use, packaging forms and re-use, shipping packaging


  • 100 % certified according to BDIH / COSMOS NATURAL standard
  • 100 % natural ingredients, if possible from certified organic farming
  • 100 % avoidance of animal experiments
  • 100 % free of mineral oils, silicones and PEG’s
  • 100 % free of preservatives and parabens
  • 100 % free of microplastic
  • 100 % free of genetic engineering
  • 100 % free of ionized radiation


  • Our products correspondse the strict requirements of the BDIH / COSMOS NATURAL standard. Ingredients and production methods are checked and guaranteed once a year by inspection of the BDIH. It gives us year BDIH certificate, that is newly granted only after inspection.
  • As a small family-owned factory, manual work traditionally has a high proportion of production, control, filling, labeling and packaging of our products. This also ensures consistently high quality.
  • The operation of our BDIH-certified mixing and stirring system as well as the filling device is carried out exclusively by means of green electricity, which is supplied by our in-house solar system.
  • The mixing and stirring system as well as the filling device are thoroughly cleaned after each production cycle with with the ecological cleaning agents prescribed by the BDIH. This ensures environmentally friendly and at the same time consistently hygienic production.

Packaging and Re-use

  • Our products were bottled until June 2018 in food safe, pharmacy-compliant plastic cans and tubes. Unsatisfactory for us, however, was that the tubes – and mostly the cans – thrown away after consumption, in the best case were recycled. The filling in tubes and cans is now running out, it will only be used up existing low stocks.
  • A practicable, cost-effective and energetically acceptable method for collecting empty plastic crucible and their subsequent hygienic clean, environmentally friendly cleaning and refilling there is not yet, this is not in sight.
  • Since July 2018, we have therefore been filling our products alternatively in high-quality food-safe and above all reusable aluminum cans with screw caps. The cans are secured immediately after filling with a hygienic seal, so that dealers and end customers can convince themselves with a view of the perfect condition:
  • Such aluminium cans are sold in gift shops and the Internet also empty for use in the kitchen, household, as personal gift packaging, etc. at handsome prices. Therefore, our new aluminium cans are perfectly suitable for further use by the buyers, because they can be completely emptied and simply cleaned / rinsed (dishwasher-safe up to 50 ° C).
  • So that the original use of aluminium cans with hard-to-remove lid and bottom labels does not prevent the unproblematic further use, we have come up with a special, simple and consumer-friendly solution: we offer sets of neutral labels with different designs at cost price, with which the existing labels can be glued easily and opaque on the lid and bottom of the can. So any emptied tin can be used for all conceivable purposes and occasions for a long time – and this several times!
Schmuckettikette für Dosen
Our jewellery tag – so that our cans can easily be reused. The unpackers are happy to use them!

Packaging for shipping

  • For shipping, we use almost exclusively already used shipping boxes and padding material, which we get from our suppliers or pick up at other companies in the vicinity. Only in rare cases – e.g. if there is no suitable used carton – we use a new shipping carton as an exception. In doing so, we consciously contribute to conserving resources and avoiding unnecessary packaging waste.
  • With a slip of paper we explicitly point out our customers and ask for your understanding and support.

Suggestions and tips?

For suggestions, tips and hints we are always receptive and thankful! We too are not perfect, but we always want to get better.

In addition, we are always there for you:

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