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The very special Kal Sa Ka Story

1948 three years later after the end of Second World War. The postwar circumstances bring the apothecary assistant Wilhelm Tump and his family from the Soviet occupation zone to Berlin. In his possession are two traditional pharmacy formulas for a foot bath and a foot cream, with which the Silesian population – including the local miners – treated daily their heavily used feet, so that they were ready for usage already on the next working day. However, Wilhelm Tump himself did not find a successful way to bring his recipes to people in Berlin.

At the beginning of the 1950s, the Tump family moved to Hattingen an der Ruhr, where they found themselves in the heart of the Ruhr area with its then rapidly developing coal mining industry and the steel industry – an ideal field of application for the long-proven recipes. There were in the following period such a strong demand that Wilhelm Tump very soon could found his own small company be possible. In 1955 the Kal Sa Ka brand was registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office. Kal Sa Ka is a name that is formed components of the foot bath:

Kalmus – Sauerstoff – Kampfer (Calamus – Oxygen – Camphor)

In 1968 Wilhelm Tump left active business and handed it over to his son Harald, whose wife Bernhild soon must be also be involved because of the growing success. From the very beginning, the products were made almost exclusively by hand – machines were then still rare and initially unaffordable for a small family business – but at the same time also ensured the advantage of a consistent, high quality standard.

Until the mid-1960s the sale took place exclusively on the weekly markets, on which grandfather Wilhelm, son Harald and his wife Bernhild presented the products “live”, explained the application and impressed the visitors of market with their flawless feet:

Shows you his feet: Knowledge instead of faith:

Wilhelm Tump at the weekly market Bernhild Tump explains the effectiveness

The further developed products – foot bath and foot cream were then distributed nationwide from the mid-1960s; For this purpose, several sales representatives were employed, who regularly presented and sold at weekly markets, local fairs, and later also in the newly emerging pedestrian zones. Not seldom were sales so successful, that the Tump family had to deliver additional goods quickly via railway Express.

Repeat orders of satisfied (regular) customers were usually made by post – often extended with personal thank-you letters:

Exports to various countries of the world become soon no longer a rarity:

Kal Sa Ka in India

With the decreasing importance of the weekly markets in the 70s and 80s as a result of rapidly expanding supermarkets and discounters, Harald Tump also had to find new distribution channels. Thus, Kal Sa Ka found the way of weekly markets and fairs increasingly in cosmetics departments of department stores, drugstores, health food stores and pharmacies.

After the death of Harald Tump in 1988, Bernhild Tump continued the business with the support of her son. Over time, however, she found it increasingly difficult to manage sales and production alike. Therefore, she went on the lengthy search for a suitable inheritor, the Kal Sa Ka in her mind and that of her husband was willing to continue consistently.

In 2009 she finally found in Udo and Sebastian Fischer as inheritors, who continue the tradition and philosophy of Kal Sa Ka since then with conviction and heart and further develop. One of the first measures involved the careful revision of the recipes so that all products have received the strict certification from BDIH / COSMOS NATURAL since 2011:

In 2013 Udo and Sebastian Fischer introduced Mom’s Foot Bathd which offers all the benefits of the traditional footbath, while taking into account the special sensitivities during pregnancy and lactation (“sensitive”). Mom’s Foot Bath is therefore i.a. strongly recommended by many midwives.

In 2016 father and son Fischer began the diligent development and subsequent market launch of the Kal Sa Ka Hand Cream – today Kal Sa Ka Hand Balm. Thus began the successful entry into other areas of natural cosmetic body care.

For the year 2019 and the following years, the introduction of further natural cosmetics products is planned. Careful, responsible development, natural-cosmetic certification and a high benefit for consumers are always the focus. The tradition of the brand Kal Sa Ka always remains a high obligation.